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Naud Gin | 44% ABV 70cl

Naud Gin | 44% ABV 70cl

Naud Gin | 44% ABV 70cl



Gin of the Month: February 2019
This beautiful (and beautifully bottled) French gin was crafted in Cognac by the third generation of one of the world’s finest distilling families.
Origin: Cognac, France
Botanicals: Juniper, ginger, organic bergamot, clove, orris root, cinnamon, coriander, angelica, green cardamom, almond, cubeb pepper, nutmeg
Tasting Notes: Beautifully floral with, notes of citrus, menthol and the spice of cinnamon, cubeb and cardamom. The pine of juniper is followed by bergamot.
Perfect G&T: Classic tonic with rose petals and a slice of lime.